Bill, Bruce and Paul 28-08-15

I’ve climbed the mountain!

I drove to Sydney last week to deliver another 200 books to my distributor – Woodslane at Warriewood. I stayed on for an extra 2 days to do some marketing, starting with Dymocks stores at Macquarie and Chatswood. I then crossed the Harbour Bridge to pay homage to the mecca of Australian book shops – Dymocks on George Street – which has proudly stood on its site since 1930. The shop is huge, about 10 times the size of your average suburban shopping mall store.

‘Would my book be here?’ I asked no one in particular, searching high and low through the maze of travel books. I couldn’t see it; my spirits plunged.

I spoke to a staffer, asked about the book, showed him my copy.

‘Aha’ said Christian, ‘I know that one; it’s over here’ he said, plunging back into the maze, with me hot on his heels.

‘There they are’ he said with a flourish, pointing to four copies on display. My spirits soared; I had climbed the mountain!

I told Christian about my dream, that one day, Bill, Paul and I (with me in the middle of course), would one day be together, side-by-side, in a famous book store, just hangin’ out.

I had no sooner finished telling him about my little fantasy, than Christian had books flying in all directions, setting up the ‘dream’ photo. He even took the photo with his very nice smart phone. So that’s how my new FB cover photo came into being.

I floated out of the store, but my big high was short-lived as I hit the chaos that is George Street: oodles of pushy pedestrians, numerous noisy buses,  taxis racing everywhere, etc, etc.

I checked out Dymocks Broadway, then caught up with Kevin Evans, the CEO of the NSW National Parks Association, to organise a book review for the NPA’s quarterly magazine Nature New South Wales.

Kevin was pleased to oblige, so I was a happy chappie as I caught the train to Burwood for the fifth and final stop on my bus-and-train Dymocks tour.

The following day I did another four Dymocks shops – Neutral Bay, Lane Cove, Castle Hill and Rouse Hill – crisscrossing the city by car, a much more exhausting way to travel than by relaxing public transport.

I had a good hearing in all the Dymocks stores I visited, with some managers placing orders while I was there, and others saying they would wait till the Woodslane rep. visited.

All in all, it was a successful visit, but there is no doubt about the highlight: climbing the mountain with Bill and Paul!

Happy travelling!










4 thoughts on “I’ve climbed the mountain!

  1. Gabriel

    Hi Bruce,

    There are now THREE copies of your book at Dymocks George St (I bought one yesterday). Strangely, the huge Kinokuniya bookshop opposite Woolworths Town Hall didn’t stock it… You might want to look into that.

    When I’d flicked through it in Dymocks last week, I was immediately caught up in it because of its friendly, informative tone. Plus, it’s the sort of interestingly detailed yet non-“boffin”-y travel book I don’t think anyone else has written about Australia. Began reading it last night. It seems a bit like the books by my favourite travel writer, Josie Dew, yet with its own mesmerising tone.

    This is possibly a silly question: Have you thought about publicising your book on ABC National, & Local? For instance, you probably know about the “Australia All Over” show on ABC local radio on Sunday mornings (5.30 – 10 a.m.). The website is It’s a fascinating, folksy, colloquial show about (mainly rural) life in Australia, full of stories from Macca & his listeners right round the country. Tales about the wildlife they’ve seen around Australia, their little country towns etc. If Macca & everyone else got his hands on your book, I reckon you’d have it made.

    Anyway, thanks for writing “Southern Cross Safari”. Am looking forward to continuing reading it & being inspired to visit even a fraction of the places you went to.


    1. Bruce Post author

      Hi Gabriel
      Thanks for your positive comments; much appreciated. Have you checked out the Trip Companion on my website? It contains over a 1000 images from the trip and is worth a look.
      The book is being distributed by a Sydney-based company called Woodslane. Kinokuniya bookshop would have received the new releases catalogue in which my book was featured. It’s up to them whether they order it or not. If a customer asked for it, I imagine they would order it in for them.
      Thanks for the advice about ‘Australia All Over’. I know the show and will certainly make contact with Macca during my marketing campaign.
      Hope you enjoy the rest of the trip.
      Best wishes

      1. Gabriel

        You’re welcome! Figured there was probably no way you’d be unaware of Macca & “Australia All Over”. But seeing as I couldn’t remember him mentioning your book recently, thought I should just drop a mention. Best wishes for the Lifeline gig too.

  2. Gabriel

    Oops, just noticed on your site that you did do an interview on ABC local radio in Canberra–but I believe your book deserves wider publicity than that!



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