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I finished my last post saying I was about to start a new career as a book seller. Instead, I decided to set up a picture gallery on my website, to provide Southern Cross Safari readers with a fascinating visual journey to complement the written narrative.

The introduction on the website explains more.

‘The Southern Cross Safari photo gallery takes you on a stunning visual tour of ‘amazing Australia’, adding colour and context to the intriguing narrative. No longer will you have to imagine what karri forests or aquamarine coastlines look like: they, and numerous other activities and scenes are presented for you, arranged to match the text on a chapter-by-chapter basis. Within each chapter, the images are presented, (more or less), on a daily basis.

The gallery covers most, but not all, of the trip. Let’s face it: not every day of travel has ‘picture postcard’ weather, and not everything is ‘photogenic’. Batteries go flat, cameras break down, and copywrite, cultural and privacy issues preclude the use of certain images.

That said, over a thousand photos made the cut. I hope you enjoy the gallery.’

Choosing the photos has been quite a task as I have some 20,000 images, but it’s also been fun reliving the trip. My website designers set a maximum of 600 pics but I couldn’t bring myself to delete enough images to meet that limit, so we raised the total to 1000 and I’m fast approaching that generous limit. The above photo of the Three Sisters in Blue Mountains National Park is from the photo gallery.

I have done 15 chapters so far and It will take about 3 weeks to finish processing the images for the remaining six chapters. The designers will then weave their magic, so I expect the final product will be finished by mid August – then I’ll become a book seller!

The other BIG news is that I delivered 200 books to my distributor (Woodslane) in Sydney. It was great meeting the people who will be handling the sale of my book. I was very pleased to see they have given the book a full-page promotion in their latest New Book Releases, dated September 2015 (https://www.woodslane.com.au/Book/9780994173102/Southern-Cross-Safari).

Woodslane distributes to all major booksellers and many independent stores in Australia and New Zealand, so your local bookshop should either have it, or be able to order it for you. If you are not able to get to a store, you will soon be able to order it  through my website. Alternatively, if you prefer ebooks, go to Amazon, Smashwords or Google Books.

Happy travelling



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