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Update on photo gallery – and an ABC radio interview!

Know the feature image? Answer below.

For those readers who have a copy of Southern Cross Safari and are wondering about the photo gallery advertised in the book – it’s on the wayI I’m aiming to have it uploaded by 15 August and I think we will just make it. I had hoped to have the book release coincide with the photo gallery launch, but it didn’t quite happen. The first few chapters of the gallery look great and I think it will be an excellent companion for the narrative.

The other exciting news is that I had a radio interview on ABC 666 with presenter Louise Maher. Louise asked a wide range of thoughtful questions that gave me the opportunity to happily chat away. If you would like to hear it, click the link:


I know I keep saying I am going to get on with marketing and become a book seller, and so far it hasn’t really happened. But I think that time is fast approaching as I am running out of other jobs – and excuses – not to get on with it.

I do have a marketing strategy and am looking forward to having time to implement it, especially now with Father’s Day – good for book sellers – just around the corner. And then there is the big one: Christmas. So, yes, plenty of good reasons to get on with promoting my product.

Feature image is Sydney’s Botanic Garden.

Happy travelling



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