Join author Bruce Gall on a literary adventure like no other, as he takes you on a 26,000-kilometre bus and train trip around amazing Australia.

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Southern Cross Safari Book

In Southern Cross Safari, Bruce Gall explores the nature of Australia, its fascinating wildlife and stunning landscapes, from beaches to rainforests and the desert outback. We climb fire-spotting trees, look for rare animals, try jungle surfing, scale mountains, go bushwalking, explore national parks, brave stormy seas and wild weather, and meet interesting backpackers – and a few local characters as well! We read Aboriginal legends, discover Australia’s early Dutch, French and German connections, discuss climate change, and much more.

Trip Companion

The Trip Companion takes you on a visual tour, adding colour and context to the lively narrative. No longer will you have to imagine what karri forests or Kings Park look like: here, their images follow the text on a chapter-by-chapter basis.

Bruce Gall

Bruce was superintendent of Australia’s largest national park, the world heritage listed Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory.

In Southern Cross Safari, he travels like Paul Theroux, with Bill Bryson’s sense of humour, but tells his own story, crafting meticulous word pictures, delightful dialogue and humourous anecdotes that will entertain you to the very last page – vicarious travelling at its best.

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Southern Cross Safari Book

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